Truth & Error

(The Opening of the Scriptural Truth of the Doctrine of Grace)
                                         by Horatius Bonar


1. Introduction

2. General Principles

3. God's Will and Man's Will

4. Election

5. Predestination and Foreknowledge

6. Romans 9:14-24 1599 Geneva Bible

7. The Work of Christ

8. Faith and the Gospel

These chapters were originally extracted, abridged, and revised from the 286-page edition entitled:

Truth and Error; or Letters To A Friend On Some of the  Controversies of the Day

W.P. Kennedy Edinburgh 1861

Typeset from: The Five Points of Calvinism Horatius Bonar, et. al. N. F. C. E. Wilmington, Delaware (N. D.)

Printed by: CHAPEL LIBRARY, 2603 W. Wright Street,Pensacola, Florida USA 3250

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.  John 8:32