The Legacy of Billy Graham the liar
                                                 the accommodation of truth to error in the evangelical church
                                                                                  By Brad K. Gsell

Table of Contents


Chapter 1:   The "Great Apostasy" of the 20th Century

Chapter 2: The Bible Warns of False Teachers and Instructs Believers How They Should Respond to Them

Chapter 3:   Billy Graham's Big Change

Chapter 4: The Dilemma

Chapter 5:   Billy Graham Insists That Modernists Be Included on Crusade Committees

Chapter 6: Billy Graham Also Includes Catholics and Jews on His Crusade Committees

Chapter 7: Converts Are Sent Back to Liberal Protestant and Catholic Churches as Well as the Jewish Synagogue

Chapter 8:   Billy Graham and Natural Versus Supernatural Revelation

Chapter 9: Billy Graham and Communism

Chapter 10: Man-made Methods Substituted for God's

Chapter 11: Billy Graham and the Fruit of a Ministry of Disobedience